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About Us


Our Mission

Our goal in creating the Newmarket Creative Collective was simple. ​


We wanted to offer an elevated market experience with hand selected high quality vendors, food and beverage offerings and more and for vendors to be able to showcase their creations or services in a setting worthy of their hard work. Getting back to the basics of letting the vendors shine. ​


But we also wanted to compliment and enhance the creator community with social & creative experiences. Workshops. Socials. A place to share insight. Ideas. Or just make connections with other creatives in your community. ​


The life of a creative or a small business owner isn't for everyone.


But for those of who are in it, we live it. Breathe it. Love it.


And we hope you can grow your village and small business family like we have had the opportunity to over the past few years.​

We can't wait to see you!


Our Values

Giving Back

Our events will contribute to local causes like the Newmarket Food Pantry & Community Fridge.

Locally Owned

We love our vibrant community and are proud to work, live and contribute to the surrounding area.

High Quality

Our vendors are carefully reviewed and hand selected to ensure a high quality shopping experience .


This collective is for everyone. As we so often say in our real lives, this is most definitely a safe space for all.

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